Design and Construction of a Trade Fair Stand in Ifema

Design and Construction of a Trade Fair Stand in Ifema

We designed and built this fantastic stand for the prestigious shoe firm Paco Herrero, at the Modacalzado event in Ifema, Madrid

In ephemeral architecture, and specifically for this work, we had to have a very noticeable presence with respect to the competition, since Paco Herrero is a consolidated firm in the market of the thin shoe of a lady, and as such, it had to present a very elegant image, but plain and accessible, for that we faithfully respected the corporate image reviewed by its marketing department, using it in a very delicate way regarding the corporate purple color, which we decided to combine with a neutral, white, and with beech wood on the pavement. We simplify the physical forms of the different spaces to bring them to primitive terms, concealing doors and accesses, and giving all the prominence to the space destined for the product, lacking superfluous elements to avoid distraction in the contemplation of it. From the moment you entered the stand, the product was visible from any point, inviting you to know it. Lighting always plays a decisive role, in this work, in terms of technical lighting, we had hidden luminaires to make the product clearly visible in the representation of color, through metal halides, and a series of decorative luminaires, and service, for the rest of the stand, to blur the physical elements to make it whole, cozy, and confer style and personality.

Main facade_
To differentiate our façade from the competition within the pavilion, we chose to play with 2 materials only, the finish of the plastic paint by spray on wood, uniform, static and elegant in wide panels with well accented elements, and the perforated metal sheets microperforated, these plates are not randomly micro-perforated, or following a defined pattern without an object, but they have perforations so that for the human eye they create a certain movement, to this they add the indirect lights on the sides that impinge on the plates and blur them , once again we play with two opposing elements to find stability. The tower, where the inscription and the square displays are inserted, creates visual weight against the longitudinality of the sheets, and gives a presence.

Interior detail, integration of elements_
The work tables, customized with the isotype laterally in corporeal, removed so as not to disturb the product area and be able to have certain confidentiality in the sale, the Backlight, with the large seasonal photo, together with other constructive elements, give weight to what is not exhibition, in a distinguished way, since in a stand, we can differentiate mainly two areas to work, the product exhibition, and all other elements or spaces that are not exposure, as important as each other, both Parts must be integrated and form a balanced set.

Exhibition Area_
The thin shoe of lady is a product with different textures, curves and very stylized, in an exhibitor, several models together differ a lot in terms of shapes and color, therefore it is necessary to expose them in a neutral support and with very basic or primitive form, to make the product very colorful, these shelves run in a straight line transmit strength, and are very functional because they allow to create still lifes or spaces differentiated with product groups correctly accentuated, and in a unified way.

The reception of the stand, although reduced in size, was spectacular, it is a set of shapes and textures, blurred by the luminaries, with which it was intended to create a collected and unusual space, serving the technical needs of accessibility.

launch Project
  • Year : 2004
  • Client : Paco Herrero Zapatos
  • Location : Madrid