Change of use from local to take-away food store

Change of use from local to take-away food store

In this work we were entrusted with the change of use of a place for the sale of electrical appliances to a place to sell take-away meals, and a catering services office.

The place was very well located, chamfering one of the most important avenues of Elda, which helped us a lot, and since the showiness was assured, it had to be moderate, simple and smart. The main problem we had was that we could not distribute to taste because there was a column in the middle of the room, connected to a platform, which forced us to place the elements a little to their sound.

But the result was good, we looked for the way to turn the column into a virtue instead of a problem, forming a kind of portico, for it we lined column and gutter in iron sheet (like the plating of the facade), giving it a touch differentiating the rest of the premises that would be lined in wood, we finish them with chocolate brown forge type paint, and we provide them with very simple and smart luminaires, brushed aluminum base + square tulip with pleated natural fabric, it looks fantastic!

Main facade_
The part of the most colorful façade of the premises corresponded to the chamfer, and that was where we had to act with the lettering to be very visible in face of the number of cars passing daily through that intersection; trying to maintain an entrance with an important but integrated eyewitness, we decided to place the logo text vertically and parallel to the Entrance, it was the way we would get it as big as possible and justified with the rest of the elements; the text of the main sign is pierced by water jet on the metal sheet, to subsequently backlight with methacrylate, all recordable to be able to replace the lamps. The rest of the façade was lined with metal sheeting to integrate the whole, and finished with forge-like paint, using the opal glass cloth to reinforce the logo on vinyl

The Local had a dead corner at the bottom of this, due to the staircase of the building, which had that weird shape that illustrates the photo, we had to turn it into a virtue, playing with the color of the paint and the covers of wood, to give it depth.

The result was an optimization of the space to integrate all the physical elements of which the store had to consist, with a special sensitivity to endow it with finishes and elements, which gave it a renewed, personal and smart appearance.

Soon after, we made another store for Servicatering, this time in Alicante, in the photos you can see the before and the after. In this place we had a fairly small space, although the facade (also chamfered), allowed us to integrate the logo so that placing it horizontally on the door, was well justified and visible, this time made with steel letters stainless with retroluz. We gave the place a central bar, to take a coffee, this was a resounding element, suspended from the ceiling and lined in natural slate with interior service light, and indirect towards the ceiling, around which were all the exhibitors with products at your fingertips, to promote sales.

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