Refurbishment in C / Portugal, Alicante Centro

Refurbishment in C / Portugal, Alicante Centro

The clients acquired this apartment in the center of Alicante

The construction was regular, although as soon as a partition was left standing, more than those of the party walls and those that faced the façade, which were removed, we had no great problem. We changed all the facilities, which included the boiler and radiators; from the room that was huge, we took out an office. We moved the kitchen, to join the living room, taking a bedroom, was a large living room with integrated kitchen.

We try that the quality prevails over everything, the finished ones are a clear example of the psychology with which the work is approached, the completions are details that we have very in account.

The baths were very good, in both we made a skylight since these were interior bathrooms.

The distribution of the Suite Bathroom did not change as can be seen in the photo. The bed + drawer and drawer are Oak lacquered.

Before and after the Suite Bath

The extraction tube of the extractor hood of the kitchen, had to cross the Hall necessarily; in the photo on the right we can see the extraction unit, formed by pieces assembled of PVC, below the duct of the air conditioning, with this system we lost only 8 cm of height in the Hall, without diminishing the capacity of evacuation of the bell .
The photo on the left corresponds to the Warehouse where we lodge the indoor unit of air conditioning, covered by fiber plates with stainless steel profiles, the skylight of the Bathroom of Courtesy can also be appreciated.

It is notorious the change of the Hall as it was, as it was.

In this photo you can see the skylight of the Bathroom Suite, photographed from the dressing room.

Here you can see the before and after one of the bedrooms.

Detail of the plans of the cabinets

Detail of the Dressing Room in Suite.

Detail of another of the cabinets.

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